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David R. Kingwill Artist's Statement

When I start an abstract painting, it is not always apparent what will happen; in fact, usually it is not. I may have an image or a feeling about the result, but the process generally involves reacting to ongoing developments in the work.

I start with an unstretched canvas and acrylic color, diluted with water. I pour the paint on the canvas and guide it towards an intriguing shape. Once I have achieved a beginning, with shape, and color, I must then choose the next color and shape. Sometimes it is an instantaneous decision, sometimes not. It is a question of creating beautiful forms and colors in concert with one another, and the process is always challenging and new.

How will one color look against another? Should they be blended while both are wet? How will they dry? When is the painting finished? It seems absurdly simple and childlike, and sometimes it is. But it requires skill and experience, and occasionally luck to "pull it off". This is drama, an active artform. When it is sucessful, it is very exciting, as motivating as anything I know.

I hope you enjoy the paintings


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